The Calla Lily Tea Room serves the Chicagoland area. All inquires go through the  Calla Lily Salon and Spa.

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Chocolate Monkey - low caffeine  Envelop your palette with this bewitchingly sweet blend of ripened bananas swirling in a symphony of rich , silky chocolate and spicy pink peppercorns. 

Velvet Tea - low caffeine  Sweet enticing chocolate swimming in a deep velvety base of organic rooibos and refreshing mint leaves. Cool, soothing mint adds a refreshing touch to any meal and is reputed to aid digestion. 

Cinnamon Fig  - medium caffieine This full bodied organic black tea is perfectly balanced with freshly ground cinnamon bits and notes of fall ripened fig. Delivers a rich maple-covered apple taste with a warming aroma of sweet cinnamon.

Apricot Escape - caffeine free  Immerse yourself into the sweet ambrosia of this heavenly herbal infusion and allow yourself to escape into sheer euphoria. Steeps a delicate pinkish color with a clean finish reminiscent of ripe apricots and Asian pears. May be served hot or over ice.

French Lemon Ginger - caffeine free This soothing  organic medley gives a refreshing lift to your cup and is a lovely compliment to any meal. 

Kauai Cocktail - caffeine free This sweet and slightly tart tropical elixir steeps a rich  red infusion and is a refreshing treat both hot or served over ice. 

Vanilla Berry Truffle - caffeine free This  delightful caffeine free dessert blend is a delectable infusion of enticingly sweet and tangy flavors harmoniously complimented by the soothing smoothness of fresh cream.

Caramelized Pear - caffeine free  One of Art of Tea's most popular offerings, this delectable dessert infusion is sweet and flavorful with notes of honey, caramel and fresh baked pears.

House Teas

Chamomile Orange

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$6 per bottomless pot 

Calla Lily Premium Teas

Sencha Kyoto Cherry Rose Festival Tea - A stunning tea, Sencha Kyoto Cherry Rose Festival Green Tea is flavored with sweet cherry and subtle morning rose. A little sugar will encourage the flavor to pop.

Assam Borengajuli TeaThis blend is best described as a malty tea with a jammy-like flavor. 

Lady Londonderry Tea - The Lady Londonderry Tea blend is a delightful afternoon tea with a malty floral flavor with hints of strawberry and lemon. A delicious blend served hot or when served iced.

Oolong Orange Blossom Estate TeaThe Oolong Orange Blossom Estate Tea is a wildly exotic tea with a toasty roundness and fruity jasmine notes. Full flavor with hints of berry jam and sweet floral undertones. 

Holiday Spiced Tea - This is a black tea with natural flavors of cinnamon, orange, and clove. A favorite of many of our customers, try it with a little sugar and milk for a wonderful taste experience. 

Blackcurrent Herbal Tea - Caffiene free - The taste is an explosion of berry, and the drink has a dark purple color. We recommend this tea be served hot with sugar. It also makes a very refreshing iced drink..

$10 per bottomless pot 

Breakfast BlendA bold and brisk blend of Indian and Chinese black teas. Flavorful golden buds yield a delicate sweet note. Ideal for your first cup in the morning. May be enjoyed clear or with milk. 

Mango Menage  - A bed of organic green tea is layered with French lavender, purple rose buds and real mangoes. The sweet aroma of romance fills your tea cup with the heady floral essences while the lush flavor of mango caresses your lips. Refreshing hot or iced

Cherry Crème Broolong  - A scintillating blend of rich roasted Iron Goddess oolong tea with cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, clove, bay leaf and tart cherries. The creamy, baked hints evoke aromas of a decadent sugar cookie. The swirl of exotic spices and sweet fruit thrill the senses like a drinkable potpourri.

Mint Medly- Aromatic blend of peppermint, spearmint, lemon grass, lemon peel, rose buds, wintergreen, lemon verbena and lemon myrtle. A light and minty caffeine-free treat iced or hot.

Citrus Spice - Aromatic and enticing, this premium blend of organic green tea, lemons and whole exotic spices has a light and refreshing taste. The citrus and spices offer a full of flavor, while the healthful green tea provides a round and fresh body. Enjoy hot or over ice. 

Chamomile Orange - Delightful blend of calming chamomile flowers, Mandarin orange peel and tart hibiscus. Naturally sweet and fragrant, the taste is a combination between a dream-sicle and an afternoon nap. 

Organic Meadow Yellow - Beautiful, twisted dark green leaves and silvery buds produce flavorful green tea,  naturally grown and processed with out the use of chemical pesticides, Carefully crafted by master tea makers, in a small tea village in Fujian Province, China.

Earl Grey Royale  - For real Earl Grey lovers. Enjoy  our exceptional blend of rich Yunnn, fruity Ceylon, aromatic Darjeeling and bodiful Keenmun black teas with real bergamont oil, orange peel, and colorful flower petals

Strawberry Lemonade  - Sweet ripe strawberries mixed with zesty lemon peel and tender Japanese green tea leaves, Hot or over ice this blend steeps up a refreshing brew evoking warm Summer memories. Naturally sweet, this tea is as tasty as it is healthy.

Orange Spice Decaf - Zesty blend of Ceylon  green tea with cinnamon and orange. 

Artisan Teas by Art of Tea

$10 per bottomless pot 

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